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The team at Epipheo reached out with a project for their client, Cloudreach that was a very unique approach to the typical explainer style animation we've all become accustomed to. Presented with clear direction for an abstract concept, we developed the 3D look and animation to create the piece.




Client: Cloudreach

Campaign: Cloudreach

Agency: Epipheo

Agency Producer: Tracey Krumpelbeck

Agency Creative Director:

Agency Art Director: Luke Lehenbauer

Creative Director: Tenet

Animation: Jake Thomas, Andrew Hyden


Luke at Epipheo provided the best animatic I've ever been handed to start a project. It was clear, concise, and perfectly conveyed the timing and angle of shots they were looking to achieve in 3D. All we had to do was design the elements and come up with solutions on how to achieve the animation style they desired. 




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